together we can help save our world!

The issues we address are every ones problem. There is not a family, a group, a job site or an individual that is not in need of Jesus. Devote a little time to what we are doing and together we can transform our communities.

Locally, nationally and internationally, GODS+WAYwill continue to bring the Gospel of Jesus. With the internet and friends like you our ministry can travel around the globe to help those in need.


Our Street Ministry team needs your help immediately. Basic information, bibles, prayer. means for transportation are in need. Make your contribution now. Become a partner with us plant a seed and watch it grow!

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Street Ministry

We are here to serve. Our mission is to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

GODS+WAY has devoted its energy to passionately work with the hopeless, needy, kid's, youth, young adults, and countless broken families in our communities. From substance abuse to street gangs we help GODS+WAY. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through prayer, donations of money, and time. Please join our mailing list!





We are here to serve.


John 14:6 | The Way. The Truth. The Life.